A Lifetime of Match-Fishing

A Lifetime of Match-Fishing

This beautifully presented book ‘A Lifetime of Match Fishing’ began life when my good friend Leigh Morris suggested that I write a book about my ten most memorable match wins. I was then asked to write a book on hemp fishing at Evesham and another on watercraft.

Taking these into consideration, I thought I would enlist a couple of well-known friends to help. Having received, what turned out to be, very interesting articles from my helpers, I then made the brave decision to invite some of the best-known anglers in the country to send me some of their own memories of match fishing.

I am pleased to say that two ex-world champions, internationals, fishery owners and many other super stars have contributed to the making of this remarkably interesting book.

Personally, not only have I tried to relay to the reader a few of my most memorable match wins, I have also added where appropriate a few very funny stories from my book ‘A Badsey Boy’. On top of this, I’ve added some long-ago written poetry. Each contributor to this book has provided photographs which make this book very special.

Taking all of the above into consideration from the young, the elderly, the pleasure angler, club angler and world champion, to someone who simply enjoys reading other people’s fishing exploits, then this book is for you.

For ages: Everybody