The Naughty Gnome Book 2

The Naughty Gnome Book 2

Paddy may be the smallest gnome made out of stone in the world, he may only be 3 inches tall, but he once helped to save a trapped fairy’s life. To say thank you, the grateful fairy cast a spell over the garden gnomes, the magic then allowed the gnomes to do magical things.

Paddy soon learned that if he concentrated very hard, he could not only talk, he was also able to climb down from his plinth, and walk around.

With his new found skills, Paddy began to explore, where he would use his new found naughtiness to cause lots of problems. In this book Paddy goes walkabout into his neighbour’s gardens, where he is very naughty indeed.

Another day, Paddy single-handily manages to ruin the local garden fete. The next day he escapes from the front garden whilst the other gnomes sleep, he stows away on a tractor, not knowing where he’s going and ends up on a magical farm. Once there he meets someone who is even naughtier than he is.

For ages 5 – 8