The Naughty Gnome Book 3

The Naughty Gnome Book 3

In this book of naughty gnome stories Paddy surpasses himself, not only does he cause chaos in a cake shop he also end up lost in a strange house. Paddy then terrorises the lady owner and her two cats and has to plan his escape before he gets caught.

In another of these very funny stories, our hero Paddy may be only tiny at three inches in height, he finally gets himself caught and is in desperate trouble when he is rescued by a friendly ghost. Once free Paddy then goes on the rampage of revenge and almost single headedly destroys the corner shop as he attacks the owner and his two grandsons with soft ripe tomatoes. But as this book begins Paddy finds himself in hospital, it is ok, there is nothing wrong with Paddy, he is just there to support a friend.

Whilst in these strange surroundings it would be a shame not to get himself into mischief, after all the opportunities are not only endless, the nursing staff are an easy target and in this hilarious story Paddy scores a bullseye.

For ages 5 – 8