The Ghosts of Level Nine

The Ghosts of Level Nine

This is a book of death and retribution, fast pace with plenty of twists and turns and full of ghosts from the beginning all the way to the end, but ask yourself this, are they all good ghosts or very bad ones. Kevin West is superficially timid, an introvert. Not good looking.

He is thin, slight bodied, almost bald, and wears goldfish bowl glasses. His wife Madge is a complete contrast. She is six foot and grossly obese. She is so domineering that in the end Kevin believes he has no choice but to do away with her. Having made all of his arrangements beforehand, he steals a lot of cash and goes on the run. He takes refuge on the top floor of a derelict, soon to be demolished hospital. He had been warned about the supposed ghosts which he laughed off.

That is, until he finally meets them face to face. The dead sisters are friendly.They tell him their deathly secret. Together they track down and take drastic revenge on their murderer. Other dead victims come forward. Kevin and his friends then become unexpected vigilantes and do a lot more tracking and taking revenge.

After the demolition, life for Kevin and his deceased friends takes an unusual turn which pushes them in a direction that they could never have foreseen.

For ages 18+