Philomena and the Sleeping Princess

Philomena and the Sleeping Princess

Philomena springs into action when she hears from the oldest tree in the forest that the king’s daughter has been kidnapped.

With the help of Merlin the magician, the pair set out to help rescue the beautiful Princess, who they find out is being held deep inside a dragon’s cave. Merlin has to use all of his magical powers to change Philomena into a tiny butterfly, so that she can then fly unseen into the cave, and then spy on the kidnappers.

Will the good fairy be seen by the evil men inside the cave, will she be captured before she can tell Merlin that the Princess has been drugged, and sleeps the sleep of the dead, and may never wake?

Will Merlin, with the help of Philomena and the goblin soldiers, be able rescue the Princess before she is taken to France, where she will be forced to marry an unknown Prince against her will?

If they do rescue the Princess, how will they wake her from eternal sleep? Who holds the key to saving the kings only daughter?

For ages 5 – 8