Philomena and The Stolen Kiss

Philomena and The Stolen Kiss

In the oldest forest in the land, lived the oldest oak tree, and in that ancient tree lived Philomena the good fairy. Philomena and her sister Helena were woodland fairies and had lived for many lifetimes in the depths of the old Forest, both of them knew how to communicate with the trees, woodland animals, pixies and elves.

Helena was the naughty fairy. Using her magic wand, she was always getting into trouble with someone. She made people fall over, burst out laughing or do other silly things. She would hide in the tree tops and laugh at others misfortune. But this time it was Philomena that was in trouble, serious trouble, because she had used her magic for her own ends, and that was strictly forbidden for fairies, especially woodland fairies. Philomena selfishly stole something very personal from a handsome Prince, and she did this whilst he was under her spell.

The good fairy thought that no-one had seen her commit the crime, but someone had!Would they keep the secret to themselves, or would they tell the King of the elves? If they did tell, Philomena would be in big trouble, she would be arrested and have to stand trial for her crime.

For ages 5 – 8