The Intelligent Gardener

The Intelligent Gardener

With his parents lost at sea somewhere around the Americas, son and heir Bobby Francis inherits the Daleridge estate and all that goes with it. Bobby shares the large estate house with his aged grandfather Fred, and they in turn are looked after by Helen, a family friend on his mothers side. With an IQ well into three figures and all the money that he would ever need. Bobby Francis could do whatever he desired in life, but he chooses to work with his grandfather on the estate.

Helen is a fit healthy, beautiful woman, she is married to Charles and they live in a thatched cottage on the estate. Charles is a continental lorry driver and is away for weeks on end, he is much older than Helen and if she is honest, she is secretly glad that he is not around because, Helen is and always has been in love with Bobby.

Helen suspects that the tall good looking man that she loves with all her heart is a virgin, she has dropped many hints to the fact that she is more than willing to teach him everything that he needs to know about pleasing a woman, but the shy young man can’t quite take that extra step into the unknown.

Right on the outer reaches of his estate is a very large finishing school for young ladies, called Pine Tree. The school caters for young ladies from the age of 16 to 21, and prepares them for life in high society. The Matron, a dried up old spinster, needs some urgent work done at the school and calls upon Fred to do the work, when she sees that the old man has brought along his handsome grandson Bobby, she warns the young man to stay away from her young ladies, but will he?